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Kanzi is doing well at her new home in Alabama. She has a new Basenji man in her life her own age.  Both recently lost their partners and were suffering. She is wearing her new Auburn shirt here. She is happy to have a family that can be devoted to her completely and she no longer needs to be kenneled or left alone. Kanzi thrives on attention! 



Buddy is doing very well. He loves his walks. Every evening he sits on the couch and barks at me until I get his leash and take him and Bo down the road....lol. I have decided that I speak "Buddy"!  He dances when he wants fed and barks when he wants a walk.  He uses the doggie door regularly and runs in and out as he pleases. He LOVES his naps on my bed during the day. He usually digs in the blankets and pulls them back after I have made the bed and makes himself quite comfy. :)