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Amazon Wish List

You can donate an item from our Wish List to our dogs and dogs in Foster Care by clicking the image.  Al donations are tax deductible. 

Even if you cannot donate an item at this time, if you use this link: every time you shop, our rescue will get the benefit of a donation for most purchases. 

Barkbox First Box 50% off

If you don't have a Superchewer, this box has a different theme every month and rescue gets a donation from every subscription. 


  • Want to lend a paw? When you use our code AMERICASBSR on any 6- or 12-month BarkBox subscription, they’ll donate $25 to us, and you’ll get your first box for 50% off! BarkBox is a monthly delivery of the original dog toys and all-natural treats, sure to make your pup flip out with joy. To get started, click on the image above!

Barkbox Superchewer

Barkbox gives our rescue for every subscription plus you get money off for signing on. Please click on image to subscribe. They have high quality toys and  treats! 

If you have a dog that tears up their toys, each Superchewer box includes the folliwing: 

  • Tough Toys always fluff-free
  • 2 Full Bags of Treats always made in the USA or Canada
  • 2 Meaty Chews always all-natural 


 Canna-Pet also supports rescue with a generous discount for items to use with our fosters and rescues.  CBD oil is used for all sorts of things from anxiety to cancer (tumor shrinkage), Please check out their website. They have formulas for dogs and for cats! 

Max & Neo Pet Gear

Max and Neo has most any kind of gear you need for your canine companion. They sell wellness items, accessories such as bowls, blankets, rear dog seat covers, cliop on dog walking safety lights, leashes, collars and harnesses. Visit their website today!  

Noah's Caring Hands Animal Hospital at Geist

Noah's is our preferred vet. Dr. Webb at the Geist location is a fantastic vet. He works with Greyhound Rescue and often is the vet of choiice at dog shows. They give rescue discounts and work with rescues in Indiana and Illinois. 

Ebates - Earn Money Shopping Online!

Add the Ebates extension and many of your online purchases will earn you cash back!

Click on image to start earning cash back. You can shop the website or add an extension to your browser and a popup will have you click a button for your cash back and that's all there is to it! 

Clock on the image to not only earn cash back for your purchases, but also get a $10 automatic deposit. 

Your money will be sent to you via postal mail or Paypal, whichever you prefer. 

ABSIR Scentsy

Scentsy Red Fox Warmer

Scentsy is a fantastic responsible company. They have the finest in burners, diffusers, cleaning products, essential body products and laundry. They even have a line for children. All commissions generated from sales are for rescue expenses. You really have to see the online catalog. We use their products at the rescue and  it makes the house and laundry smell amazing! Prior to purchasing/burning esssential oils, please read this article:

Ashley Reid Pet Portrait Artist

Ashley Reid Basenji Portrait

Pittsburgh pet portrait artist who will donate 10% to our rescue for any portrait commissioned where  America's Basenji and Shiba Inu Rescue is mentioned along with a commission.  For more info and to view 700+ of my pet portraits visit 


Our rescue recommends for pet food. They have the best prices, and quick delivery, plus discounts for regular deliveries.  

Chewy supports shelter and rescue partners and donates tons of free food.

We recommend Stella & Chewy's food and toppers. They support rescue and have sent us samples and one of our finicky dogs LOVES their food. Very high quality stuff.  

Please click on image or bookmark this link: 

Indy Home Veterinary Services

If you're in the Indianapolis area,  Dr. Leslie Brooks does home visits and has very reasonable pricing. 

She offers a discount to Rescue so we highly recommend her. 

She has come to our home to vet our dogs and she's great with the dogs and so easy to work with.  

It's so much less stressful for dogs to be vetted in their own homes. That, combined with extreme temperatures, makes this an ideal solution.

Stones for Homes

Stones for Homes donate a portion of the proceeds purchased using this link to rescue. They offer decorative landscaping stones. 

Canine Wellness Lab - Hemp Wellness Products for Dogs


Canine Wellness Lab sells CBD oil and soft chews for dogs. Our Rescue Partner Max and Neo Dog Gear, discovered the benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) oil while fostering scared and anxious dogs. They had some they did not know what else to do with so thought they'd give CBD hemp oil a try. After a week they saw such a huge improvement in them that they knew that they had to make this available to rescues.

They quickly found out that CBD oil has its own set of regulatory issues and there was no way to do it as a Max and Neo product. They had to create a separate company in order to sell CBD oil. In January 2018, Canine Wellness Lab was born!

Use the drop down to select our rescue and we will get a 1 to 1 donation for each product sold where our rescue is mentioned.…

Healthy Paws

Caninejournal. com rated Healthy Paws Best Overall for 2018 with 4.65/5.00 stars so we have partnered with them to promote insuring your pet. Insure your pet when they're younger and healthier so there are no pre-existing conditions that could arise in the future.  Shiba are prone to luxating patellas and glaucoma. With Basenji, it's Fanconi. Insure your pet so if something should happen, you don't have to choose between your pet and the bills to care for them! 

Legging Army

These are the most comfortable leggings you will ever wear. I am sold! Commissions are donated to ABSIR.  Check them out! 

Noah's Caring Hands Animal Hospital at Geist

Noah's partners with rescues and gives them a discount for vetting. In Indianapolis area, Noah's has the best hours. We recommend Dr Webb at Noah's Caring hands.  This is where we vet our dogs most often. Highly recommend.